Join us for the 10th Viennese Ball in Bucharest!

The superb elegance of the Viennese spirit, the fairytale atmosphere, the high-strung young couples of debutants, and most of all the thrill of the waltz and its immortal rhythm. This is the Viennese Ball! Every year, between November 11 and the beginning of March, Vienna and other capital cities of the world bring back to life the splendor of the traditional ball season.

The most famous such events include the magnificent Opernball (The Ball of the Opera), {read more} held at the State Opera of Vienna (Staatsoper); Ball der Wiener Philharmoniker (The Ball of the Viennese Philharmonic) – an exquisitely elegant event hosted in the Musikverein building; but also the three balls held in the grand Imperial Palace of Hofburg: Kaiserball (The Imperial Ball), starting on December 31st of each year; Juristenball (The Ball of the Magistrates) – famous as the high society event; and the Gala der Wiener Wirtschaft (The Gala of the Viennese Industry).

However, a new tradition has emerged, with classic Viennese Balls organized outside the borders of Austria – including the events in New York, Washington, Moscow, London, Melbourne and, of course, the refined Viennese Ball held every year in Bucharest.


The venue for the Viennese Ball in Bucharest is the imposing Palace of the Parliament, the biggest building in Europe. {view map}.

The event is scheduled for March 7th, 2015, starting at 18:30.

Please note that there is free parking space available for the guests of the Palace of the Parliament. (Please make sure to present you ball tickets and identity card at the main entrance).

Guests and Partners

The 2014 edition of the Viennese Ball in Bucharest shall be honored by the presence of our traditional partners and friends: the City Hall of Vienna and the Austrian Embassy in Romania, Austrian Airlines, and also the extraordinary orchestra of the Schonbrunn Palace, as well as other honored guests.
Once again, as in the previous years, the privileged partner of the Ball is the United Way Romania Foundation, the organization that shall benefit from your presence and involvement in this event.